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In the mystical realm of music, where the beats pulse with an electrifying force, emerges a legendary force known as ‘Raw Ordio’. With blistering electronic bass-driven grooves and seamlessly fused world class live musicianship and improvisation, they have ascended to a position of unparalleled excitement and entertainment, hailing from the radiant shores of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

In a mere blink of an eye, ‘Raw Ordio’, has carved their name into the hearts of music lovers, leaving a trail of awe-inspiring performances in their wake. Their debut year was nothing short of legendary, leaving incredible memories etched in the minds of those who witnessed their explosive appearances at festivals both national and international, Splendour in the Grass, Pranafest, Elements Festival, Earth Frequency, Caloundra Music Festival and NZ Spirit Fest, just to mention a few.  


Like a magnetic force drawing audiences in ‘Raw Ordio ’ has ignited a wildfire of demand, selling out their own shows with unstoppable momentum, conquering every inch of the Queensland coastline.

Immerse yourself in the ‘Raw Ordio’ formula, an alchemy of deep electronic grooves intertwined with ingenious mashups of classic remixes. In a mesmerising symphony of sound, crowds find themselves singing along as familiar melodies intertwine with the richness of the signature ‘Raw Ordio’ sound, creating an unforgettable experience that beckons them back time and time again. 

At the heart of ‘Raw Ordio’, the enigmatic DJ/Producer, Brett Gadenne, whose artistic prowess knows no bounds. When the live act unfolds the magical convergence of talents emerges, with smooth ‘Andy V’ on Sax and Keys, and the untamed fire energy of ‘Damian Campbell’ on Percussion, elevating the experience to celestial heights. Witness their spellbinding display of improvised musicianship that transcends the boundaries of the known, leaving even the most seasoned connoisseurs awestruck. 


Make no mistake - a ‘Raw Ordio’ performance is not just an event; it’s an encounter with the sublime. A must-see live act that will forever ignite your senses and leave you yearning for more long after the last note has faded into the night. Surrender to the allure of ‘Raw Ordio’ and step into the realm of legendary live electronic artistry, where the ordinary becomes extraordinary and music ascends to an ethereal plane. 




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